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Privia Graphic Design's creative process spans the full spectrum of media. Our team of designers
work to create a memorable mark that can be implemented practically.

We have the experience and knowledge to quickly produce graphic design that not only looks
good,but works well. We're firm believers in the power of visual communication.

Privia Graphic Design was started with a goal of creating a passionate and pragmatic thinking
design company. Our marketing experience and innovative design, help our clients realize the full
potential of their vision and assist in achieving their end goals.

The measure of our clients success in the way in which we measure our own -- we design to
impact and strengthen your customer relationships.

The process of marketing for any given company or demographic is essentially one of problem
identification and solving. Our approach examines how to satisfy the clients goals while fulfilling the
customer needs. Once those are identified, we then choose and utilize the appropriate
technology, and implement the creative and strategic solution.


The unique thing about our firm in that we do not have a purely management, or design, or
programming layer. Everyone needs to know (and is trained) in both design, programming, and
the "business aspect." This gives us a wholesome perspective in developing each product and we
work as one big team to give our clients the best product possible.

TRISTAN HANSCOM - President & Head Designer

A computer expert and business executive by profession, Tristan has a flare for managing
numerous web projects simultaneously and getting the job done the way the 'client likes it'. His
design skills and uniquely perceptive ideas add that extra edge to each web site we design. Being
both creative and logical by nature, Tristan has a natural command over all the web technologies
we use ( Tristan is a certified Microsoft Office 'Master', in addition to being
certified by Adobe© in all software applications. On the lighter side, his cool, amicable and
humorous personality can win anyone over. With multiple degrees in business administration,
marketing, and retail, he is truly qualified for any task: a true leader indeed.

DAVID FLICK - Vice President & Consultant

A hard core computer enthusiast  pursing a web development degree, David is very strongly
rooted in design. Layout and implementation are his areas of expertise though he is highly
proficient in Adobe Tools also. He is all set to become an expert in Flash and its integration with all
forms of databases. In his spare time, he learns designing and is getting better at it day-by-day!
His hardworking and never-give-up attitude is what we can rely on always.


In addition to our key personnel, we have a current on-board staff of 15 designers.


Send your resume and portfolio samples to
Microsoft Office Master, Macromedia Certified Web Developer, Macromedia Flash MX Designer, Macromedia Certified Professional, Adobe Certified Expert
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